First Strides® - North Myrtle Beach Workshop

Spring 2024: Thursday, February 29th through Thursday, May 9th Little River, SC 29566 US Directions

Week 11 Email

Dear First Striders,

Another great night of striding and getting ready for our 5K next Wednesday!
GRADUATION SHIRTS EARNED:  Congratulations to the 17 striders who earned their graduation shirt this week! There are now 93 of you who have reached that goal!  4 more are on deck to earn their shirt next week.  And 14 have 100% attendance. This is more graduates than we had in the entire 5K race last year!  So impressive.  Spring 2023 earned it a new FS-NMB record!  Yippee!
FOX:   Jennifer Carroll, Beth Frye, Judy Good, Camille Hines, Karen Hopper, Anna Sullivan.  On deck = none                       
GAZELLE:  Elissa Cahn, Collette Davis, Kim Kopca, Shirley Miller, Debra Weist-Hill.  On deck =1
PANTHER:  Zero grads this week.  All eligible have already graduated!  On deck = none.
LYNX:  Lucille Crocker, Sharon Proulx, Mary Gail Stranland, Linda Thompson, Trena Wilson.  On deck =2                    
CHEETAH:  Isla Yarnell.  On deck = 1              
WEEK 11 HOMEWORK: See Training Schedule>>

Start with warm up stretching..see Dynamic Stretching Warmup>>
5 minute warm up
Then 4 repetitions of the EASY/HARD Interval Minutes1 minute easy, 9 minutes harder
1 minute easy, 9 minutes harder
1 minute easy, 9 minutes harder
1 minute easy, 9 minutes harder
5 minute cool down
End with cool down stretching...see Static Stretching Cooldown>>

     ---  How often?  NEW! 5 days this week!  The extra days are an option 30 minute “easy pace” workout. Keep 1 easy day between your 3 interval days.


GOAL 5K WALK/RUN:  Week 12 First Strides NMB 5K Walk/Run is your introduction to entering a race event ... without the pressure.  You will get a bib number to wear on your front.  We will all stretch and start together.  Then you cover the 5K (3.1 mile) distance at "your own pace".  We will time the event, so look for the clock at the finish.  We will post the results on the amphitheater tower, on our website, on our Facebook page and by email on Thursday. There are no overall or age group awards, but you will get a finisher's medal!

This 5K (3.1 miles) is our 12-week goal.  It is meant to be a positive, learning experience and not intended to be a competitive event.  Mentors will be mixing in with you to cheer everyone on or help you pace or blow whistles "if you want".  You are trained to do the distance. Be conservative with your pace. We want you to "love" the race experience.  It can be a great motivator to watch your continued improvement for years to come. Just have fun!


TOPIC:   Summer Striding - The warmer weather is upon us and it’s going to get even hotter! But that shouldn’t stop you from keeping striding during the summer months. The most important thing is to stay cool. You can do this by seeking out shady paths, wear lighter clothes, work out in the early morning or later evening when it’s cooler, etc. Check out all the tips here>>


      ***  We will honor new graduates and graduates not present last week before the 5K.  Plus present 100% Attendance award. There will be some final announcements.  Anticipate race start just before 6 pm (hopefully).

    ***  Invite your family/friends to cheer you on.  It's a great spectator course!  Remind them that entry to the park closes at 6 pm. Remember that most NMB Christmas lights will be on during our 5k!  

      ***  SHIRTS - Before we start next week, you can exchange your graduation shirt for a different size or color. Size and color options are limited.   After the race, you can buy any remaining "old" graduation shirts for $5 (Bargain!)  Please bring small bills ($1s or $5).

      ***  Please bring and recycle your name tag holder and bib number at the stage before your leave!

A special thank you to our outstanding crop of mentors this session.  Thank you all for your time, guidance and enthusiasm!  It could NOT happen without you!  

See you next Wednesday by 5:30 pm for our last workshop and First Strides 5k event! Keep up the good work!

Jane and your mentors


P.S. Jane's final advice for enjoying your 5K experience?

Walk/Run "negative splits"!  What does that mean?  Decrease your minutes per mile pace a bit every mile so you will feel good coming into the finish.  If you start struggling early, back off your pace.  We will have mile markers at each mile so start practicing your subtraction from one time to the next mile time called out. (Practice subtracting 1 mile time from the 2 mile time - it's fun!)

A 5K is 3.1 miles but do you want to run 3.1 miles or do you want to run 3.3 miles? The figure below helps you understand how tangents work when a course measured certifies the actual route of the race course.

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