First Strides® - North Myrtle Beach Workshop

Fall: 8/31/22 - 11/16/22 Little River, SC 29566 US Directions
Week 11 Email

Another great night of striding and getting ready for our 5K next Wednesday! 

Many striders received their First Strides NMB graduation shirts and more will earn their shirt by showing up next week! You should ALL be proud of your accomplishments!

GRADUATION SHIRTS EARNED:  Congratulations to the 19 striders who earned their Graduation shirt this week!  There are now 61 of you who have reached that goal!  10 more are on deck to earn their shirt next week.  And 7 have 100% attendance.  This is a very strong success rate for you Spring 2022 Striders.  We are impressed by you all!  This week's graduates:

     PANTHER:  Dee Cochran, Kathy Kukowski, Steve Mervin, Cynthia Reese, Rhonda Riemenschneider, Nancy Riker, Teresa Rose, Hope 
                         Scheessele, Deborah Weist-Hill
     LYNX:  Tammy Hunt, Kenzie Mahan
     GAZELLE:  Joann Easter, Karen Hopper, Mary Ann Lowe, Ann Louise Rigoli
     FOX:  Vivian Frear, Darlene Scott        
     CHEETAH:  Corey Meese, Patti Van Ornum

For those "graduates" (7) not present this week, your shirts will be with your group's mentors.  For those graduates not able to get their shirt, email me to arrange for pick up in the near future.
     ---  Interval Minutes - (1 Easy; 9 Hard) x 4 Repetitions  (Total 40+) 
     ---  Before & After - 5 min warmup.  5 min cool down
     ---  How often?  NEW!!! 5 days/week is suggested.  The extra days are an optional 30-minute "easy pace" workout.  Keep 1 easy day between intervals.

TOPIC:  Getting Better.  Jane talked about how you continue to improve after our 12 workshops.  The training principles are the same:  
Stress + Rest = Improvement. See the flyer attached and on our website.
Her advice:
     ---  Mix up your training days vs doing the same thing every workout.  Go longer, further, faster, more frequently, heat, hills, races, etc ... as all stresses.
     ---  Don't add more than one new "stress" per workout
     ---  Only add 10% of your weekly distance or minutes in any given week 
     ---  Look for groups:  
                   ***  GSRC Tuesday night @ 6:30 pm at Gator Hole Plaza (TGI Friday's parking lot). 3-,4- or 5-mile routes are mapped out and some mentors are usually present.  See NOTE below under GSRC Social Meeting for time conflict.
                   ***  Fleet Feet Myrtle Beach has many multi-week training programs for different levels/goals (
                   ***  Coastal Race Productions, JoJo Terragna’s company, offers a number of races of varying distances to choose from (  Jojo leads the First Strides-BRUNSCO group in Shallotte.  
                   ***  Making Strides - If you'd like to continue to meet Wednesdays at 5:30 pm at the Amphitheater, we will share some fun workouts to add speed to your weekly schedule. (No charge).

Most important of all…don’t stop!  Remember: It is easier to STAY in shape than it is to GET in shape.
GOAL 5K WALK/RUN:  Week 12 First Strides NMB 5K Walk/Run is your introduction to entering a race event ... without the pressure. You will get a bib number to wear on your front.  We will all stretch and start together.  Then you cover the 5K (3.1 mile) distance at "your own pace".  We will time the event, so look for the clock at the finish.  We will post the results on the amphitheater tower, on our website, on our Facebook page and by email on Thursday. There are no overall or age group awards, but you will get a finisher's medal!  

This 5K (3.1 miles) is our 12-week goal.  It is meant to be a positive, learning experience and not intended to be a competitive event. Mentors will be mixing in with you to cheer everyone on or help you pace or blow whistles "if you want".  You are trained to do the distance. Be conservative with your pace. We want you to "love" the race experience.  It can be a great motivator to watch your continued improvement for years to come. Just have fun!


      ***  We will honor new graduates and graduates not present last week before the race.  Also 100% Attendance awards. Our First Strides - BRUNSCO striders will join us around 5:45 pm. There will be some final announcements. Group Stretching. Then, walk/run-warmup to the start.  Estimated race start at 6:00 pm 

      ***  Invite your family/friends to cheer you on.  Have them gather at the end of the Finish Line chute in the Amphitheater field.  A volunteer will direct them where to go to cheer you on several different locations.  It's a great spectator course! 

      ***  SHIRTS - Our new, graduation shirt will be handed out to those graduates who earn them this coming week and those not present last week.

      ***  SHIRTS FOR SALE $5 - (Bargain!  Please bring small $ bills only)  The graduation shirt style has been the same we started. Colors and sizes available:   PURPLE = 1 XSm, 6 Sm, 5 Med).   PINK (2 Sm, 4 Med, 2 XLg).  SILVER (2 Med).  Available before or after the 5K.  First come; first served.

      ***  Please bring and recycle your name tag holder and bib number at the stage before your leave!

      ***  Grand Strand Running Club "Social Meeting" - Tuesday, May 24th @ 6:30 pm at Kingston Plantation Anchorage Room, 108 High Circle, Myrtle Beach.  Pizza and soda. No charge.  Great chance for us Striders to get together in a social setting.  The GSRC will be presenting this year's $1000 college scholarships for local senior cross country or track athletes.  Please join us!  NOTE:  This means there may be a light turnout for this Tuesday Night Run at Gator Hole in NMB.  

A special thank you to our outstanding crop of mentors this session.  Thank you for your time, guidance and enthusiasm!  It could NOT happen without you!  

See you next Wednesday by 5:30 pm for our last workshop and First Strides 5k event!  Keep up the good work!


Jane and your mentors


P.S. Jane's final advice for enjoying your 5K experience?

Our 5K (3.1 mile) route is marked off at each mile (Mile 1, 2 and 3).  A volunteer will call out the time in total/cumulative minutes and seconds since you left the Start Line. Maybe try to remember these time if you can to help you understand your pacing... but don't stress if you can't.  

It is difficult/impossible to know what your mile/minute pace "should be" for your best performance in your first race. It is human nature to go out too fast because your excited about doing your first 5K.  However, you have been doing your homework with 2 different efforts/paces (Easy & Hard) and you have a sense of the difference between the 2.  Here's my advice:

Start your 5K with your Easy pace until you get to Mile 1.  A volunteer will call out the time it took to get to the 1 Mile mark from the start. You're feeling good!!!  If you find yourself struggling, back off your pace (slow down)!  Seriously!
Now pick up your effort gradually to a "comfortable" stride (a little slower to your normal weekly Hard effort) until you get to the 2 Mile mark. Still feeling comfortable?  Good for you!  
Now push you effort even a bit more by concentrating on pushing off slightly more with your toes until you get to the 3 Mile mark. Still doing alright? Yippee!
The 3.1 mile Finish Line is just 1/10th of a mile in front of you.  When you can see the Finish Line ... you can pick up your pace for an even stronger finish if you can!

This plan is called "negative splits".  What does that mean?  You start off very, very comfortably (Easy) and try to increase your effort (Harder) gradually to get a bit faster at each mile.  Here are simple examples of "negative splits".  Hopefully you pace will progress from a:
21 minute 1st mile, 20 min 2nd mile and a 19 min 3rd mile ... or a 
16 min 1st mile, 15 min 2nd mile and a 14 min 3rd mile ...or a
11 min 1st mile, 10 min 2nd mile and a 9 min 3rd mile
If you can do "negative splits", we will be very proud of you.  This event is a benchmark to compare your future progress with ... for many years!  Here's to your lifelong fitness goals.    

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