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First Strides® - North Myrtle Beach Workshop

Spring 2024: Thursday, February 29th through Thursday, May 9th Little River, SC 29566 US Directions

Week #1 Remarks

From Kelly Chandley, First Strides North Myrtle Beach Head Mentor:

Welcome to First Strides!!!! My name is Kelly, a graduate of the spring class of FS 2019!

Returning First Striders—give yourselves a hand for getting back out here!! Welcome back!! 

New First Striders—Look around… these women know the program & they’re back for more! And, they’ll help you learn it too! Raise your hands if First Strides is new to you! Congratulations!! Let’s give the New Striders a hand!!  Just getting here for the first time can be tough…. But we’ve got your backs!!  

Welcome back to our Mentors!!! These ladies with the red tops and blue hats are all here just to help you!!! 

We’ll begin every Thursday at 5:30 pm… We start on time…. Respect the time of guest speakers, mentors and your fellow Striders. The city of NNB allows us to use this beautiful park…. We share it with other events, so plan time to park, find a friend and carpool if you possibly can… but please be on time. 

We will typically have a speaker that provides brief education and resources on a topic important to our fitness or women’s health. NEW speakers so even if you have been a Strider before, please make every effort to come on time and learn something new… all focused on topics for women. 

Our intention to provide you with a safe, doable and fun-filled 11-week exercise adventure. We sincerely hope you feel healthier, achieve your goals AND meet a friend or two along the way! Please take the time to complete the survey that went out to you… 

For everyone's Health and Safety: 

--- wear your name tag EVERY WEEK!! This is for safety as well as for us to learn your names.

    - - -  If you don't feel well, please stay home. Masks are your choice. Hand sanitizer is available on the stage each week. 
    - - -  Hydration is important before and after class.  Water is available at the restroom fountains or jug on the stage. I encourage you to bring your own water bottle and carry it with you. We have silicone grips for making water bottles easier to carry as you stride. $5.00…ask your mentor.

--- Bathrooms--- soccer field building, shark park parking lot, playground beyond the amphitheater. Try to visit before you come to the amphitheater. 

- - -  Recommend a fanny pack/small pouch to hold your personal items (e.g., car key, cell phone or timing can wear it or leave it at the small basket at the flag you’re at). And lock what you don’t need in your car…. Valuables stay home.

We meet rain or shine!  Bring an umbrella or rain jacket if weather looks threatening.  Yes, we work out in the rain - but not the lightning!  Storms in our area frequently form and disappear quickly, so plan to come no matter what is happening wherever you live.  The Park has a system with radar detection and sets off sirens in the park if lightning is within 5 miles. If the sirens go off, we end…we proceed to our cars, and we ask you to safely proceed home. The park keeps us out for 30 minutes after the last lightning, and we don’t have a way to re-group. We will give you credit for attending, should that happen. We all know the weather is unpredictable here. Even if it’s raining where you live, it may be okay here… 

You received your name tag when you checked it upon arrival. Inside your Name Tag are 2 Attendance Tickets with your name on them. They will be dropped in a basket after your workout Week 2 & Week 3 to record your attendance. That’s how you’ll receive credit for Weeks #2 and 3 (your check in on Week #1 was your credit for that week).

TIMING DEVICE: Find a timing device that keeps track of your workout in intervals minutes (“time”, not speed or distance). Can be a watch, app on your phone, or a device that times. Ask Mentors to help you set up you chosen device for each week’s workout. 

Julie Bell, one of our lead mentors, spoke about our schedule, the basics of First Strides and will then get us stretching to warm up and get going!! 

The Training Schedule is time structured at a comfortable pace for you. It is based on a gradual, progressive workout by minutes (not speed based) Mentors and repeat participants (See those around you in First Strides shirts) can help you set up your timing device with a free phone app that will guide you through your weekly workouts. Mentors will be blowing whistles for you while you’re here as the intervals tick off so we guide you through it, but you’ll need a way to do it at home. 

Homework:  Repeat the same workout twice again before we meet again next Thursday.  

 We suggest you wear loose-fitting, light-weight clothing, a supportive/comfortable bra, t-shirt/tank top and your most comfortable sneaker/athletic/walking/running shoes. For this time of year, layers is the right move. As it gets hot, wear as little as modesty allows!  Bring a jacket for your ride home.

 Your attendance counts!  You need to attend 8 of the 11 workshops to "earn" your graduation shirt. Today we capture your attendance as you registered. The next two weeks we’ll get your attendance. During week 3, we’ll divide into smaller groups and you’ll meet those who you’ll stride with for the rest of the program, and the mentors that will work with you. They’ll check you in from then on. 

Our weekly workshop schedule:

Check in...for attendance credit
Speaker/Topic presentation/Announcements
Group Pre-Stretch/Striding Workout /Group Post-Stretch
Final Announcements

We have 25 ROCK STAR MENTORS who are here to guide help encourage coach and be cheerleaders. Each one has their own unique story… each has talents that add to the program… all have 2 things in common….. 1) they desire to help others enjoy fitness… 2) each was once a beginner… and intimidated by the thought of doing this for the first time…. So we commit to provide a safe nonjudgmental fun program that will help you succeed if you follow through here and do your homework…it’s been proven to work since it’s inception in Allentown PA many years ago… let it work for you! 

We have 5 sponsors that help us put on this program, and each will help you through! Next week I will introduce you a bit to each and explain their role. 

- The “stress” mildly tears your muscles down. A stress is any of the following: going faster, farther or more frequently than before. Other stresses are heat, hills and surfaces (soft - beaches or thick grass); (hard – concrete vs asphalt)
- The “rest” gives your body a day to recover or heal; you will heal stronger, better and improved. A rest is any of the following: cross-training (different activities – yoga, cycling, swimming, strength training), going slower and/or shorter as you stride; or a complete day off from walking or running  
- Plan to alternate the days of stress (homework) and rest (no homework). Homework is every other day!

Important: The biggest mistake made by beginners is going too far, too fast, too soon and/or too frequently. Increase only one of the above stresses per week at the most! 
• Listen to your body! If you get sore, figure out why and do something! (Rest, ice, new shoes, massage, anti-inflammatory, physical therapy). Let pain be your guide to backing off your schedule!
• Attending this class is not a “selfish” act! Regular exercise is: Good for your kids, your partner and your boss – ask for their support. Good for your overall health, immunity, stress level, mood, health, weight control, self-esteem, social connection and much more! So, keep this one session each week just for you as an individual. Please don’t bring your stroller kids, older kids, dogs, etc. You can have them while you do your homework… not here. 
• Do your own work out! If you’re here with a friend, sister, mom, daughter, neighbor, GREAT! But for this one time a week, do your own Stride… walk jog or run YOUR own pace. Because you rode together doesn’t mean you necessarily have the same pace or speed. For this progressive challenge to work for you, you should do your own pace… you can talk about how it went on the way home or do your homework days together… but at least one time a week, show yourself that you are WORTH your very own time to DO YOUR OWN PACE. 

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