First Strides® - North Myrtle Beach Workshop

Spring 2024: Thursday, March 7th through Thursday, May 16th Little River, SC 29566 US Directions

Week 7 Email

Dear Striders,

Week 7 of 11 and First Striders are picking up pace and endurance! Congratulations on your progress!


NOTE: Our Training Schedule adds an additional day to your weekly workouts…see below. 

Start with warm up stretching..see Dynamic Stretching Warmup>>
5 minute warm up
Then 5 repetitions of the EASY/HARD Interval Minutes

2 minutes easy, 4 minutes harder
2 minutes easy, 4 minutes harder
2 minutes easy, 4 minutes harder
2 minutes easy, 4 minutes harder
2 minutes easy, 4 minutes harder

5 minute cool down
End with cool down stretching

     ---  How often?  4 days again this week!  
               ***  This extra day is optional ... NOT mandatory.  
               ***  This 4th day per week of 30-min "easy pace" helps "build your base" level of endurance.
               ***  Keep doing your 3 Interval Workout days with at least one day rest between them. 
               ***  Add this extra easy workout in during your 2-day rest break - either the day before or after an intervals workout - it doesn't matter.

TOPIC: Avoiding Common Striding Injuries - PJ Morrison is a physiotherapist who recently relocated to McLeod Seacoast. PJ gave us some advice about common striding injuries. 

He spoke about these common issues (warning: best to get advice directly from PJ or from your favorite physiotherapist):

- bursitis - can be caused by weak glute (butt) muscles which can cause the foot to go out sideways behind you when striding; use a band, available on Amazon, Walmart and elsewhere, to strengthen these muscles (make sure you keep tension on the band when you are sidestepping)

- shin splints - can be caused when bone breaks down but doesn’t build up as quickly; one exercise PJ recommended is to stand with your back to a wall and lift your toes; other solutions include getting better shoes (remember your discount at Fleet Feet)

- tendinitis - can be caused by weak calf muscles and can also involve a weak Achilles tendon, toe raises will help strengthen calf muscles (this is what we do in the warm-up exercises)

- plantar fasciitis - PJ recommended a specific splint to be worn at night to avoid continuous tears in the plantar region of your foot (he thought it might be an Ace splint, blue in color, available at Walmart and other places)

- bone on bone - PJ recommended a joint supplement, e.g., osteobiflex

Call your Primary Care physician for a referral to McLeod Seacoast’s Physiotherapy team where PJ is located.

ATTENDANCE MATTERS: It is important that you check-in with your mentor when you arrive. We want you to get credit so you can “earn” your graduation shirt.

FIRST GRADUATES: Next week Striders with perfect attendance will “earn” their graduation shirts! There are still 4 workshops remaining so most of you can do it too, schedules permitting. Kelly Chandley noted that 31% of our striders have 100% already and 74 more will earn their shirt if they keep showing up! Remember: 90% of success is showing up!


Graduation Shirts - Striders who attend at least 8 of 11 workshops will “earn” a First Strides NMB graduation shirt. Haven’t checked your size yet? Ask your mentors!

GSRC Shirts - First time Striders receive a free one-year membership in the Grand Strand Running Club (GSRC). If you’re a first-timer and haven’t received your free GSRC shirt, please let your mentors know.

Do your homework, attend the workshops (and earn your graduation shirt) and we’ll meet up again next Thursday at 5:30 pm at the NMB Sports Park Amphitheater!

Your First Strides NMB mentors


               *** November 2 - First Strides NMB Graduation Celebration - This night will run longer time-wise than most nights so please plan ahead.  We will distribute graduation shirts to those of you that have attended "at least" 8 of our 11 workshops.  Most of you are well on your way to "earning" your 8 night attendance already and we still have 4 weeks left. GREAT JOB!

               *** November 9 - First Strides NMB 5K Stride (Walk & Run). This is our goal, to be able to do an official 5K event (3.1 miles). 5K distance will probably take between <30 minutes to about 1 hour. Please plan for a longer evening to help cheer fellow Striders across the Finish Line!


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