First Strides® - North Myrtle Beach Workshop

Spring: 3/1/23 - 5/17/23 Little River, SC 29566 US Directions
Week 4 Email

Dear First Striders,

We had a great night on Wednesday!  We gathered in our 5 animal groups, met your fellow Striders and your mentors and did a good job with the workout!

ANIMAL GROUPS:  The integrity of the groups is an important element to the success of your First Strides NMB experience.  Being in groups of similar ability has many benefits:  groups get less spread out between intervals; opportunity to make new friends and perhaps find training partners; and mentors get to know you better and provide individual support.  It adds a "fun" element to your workouts and commitment to the 12 weeks!  

Remember - If you are struggling to keep up or finding yourself out in front alone, it might be good to talk to your mentor and perhaps move to a different group.  Some feel better at the front of a pack. Others prefer the challenge of being pushed a bit by your peers week to week.  If you have company around you, you are probably well-placed.

CHECK IN PROCEDURE:  From now on, you will be checking in with your animal group mentors when you arrive.  Don’t know where to go? Check in with either Jane Serues or Tricia Redovian ... they’ll help you out. Go Cheetah, Fox, Gazelle, Lynx, and Panthers!

WEEK 4 HOMEWORK: See Training Schedule under Workshop Topics…

     ---  Interval Minutes - (3 min Easy; 3 min Hard) x 4 Repetitions
     ---  Before & After - Always start with a 5 min warmup.  Always end with a 5 min cool down.    
     ---  Translation - 5 min warmup + 3 min easy + 3 min hard + 3 easy + 3 hard + 3 easy + 3 hard + 3 easy + 3 hard + 5 min cool down. (34 min Total).
     ---  How often?  3 days again this week (every-other-day!  Do NOT do 2 days in a row!  Wednesday's workout counts as 1 workout).

TOPICS:  There were several...

Cross Training – Mentor Ginny Wolfe of OneBodyFitness talked about ways to mix in other activities on alternate days.  She also suggested adding strength training (lots of benefits) and flexibility into your week to round out your fitness.  Read about CrossTraining under Workshop Topics.

Proper Walking & Running Form – Mentor Julie Bell reviewed improving your form.  Check out Proper Walking & Running Form under Workshop Topics.

Breathing – Jane Serues suggested not “working” to breathe in and out a particular way.  Stride with your mouth open and don’t force anything unnatural.  Trying to regulate your breathing can lead to “side-stickers” or painful stitches.  Slow down and exhale forcefully for a minute or seconds until the diaphragm cramp goes away.  Trouble with breathing could be exercise-induced asthma.  See your doctor for advice.  Otherwise, you are probably pushing your pace too hard.  Back off a bit or break up your hard effort by alternating an easy minute in the middle of your assigned harder interval minutes. Conversing while working out is an excellent way to breathe correctly so, chat it up, friends!

REGROUP at the end of each hard portion workout.  The lead mentor reverses course and picks up following Striders to turnaround in front of her until the group is all together.  Then the group reverses direction (again) and continues at your own pace again.

PHOTOS ON FACEBOOK:  Check out our private Facebook page for great photos of our workshops. If you see yourself or someone you know, please "tag" your/their picture so we can get to know each other better.  Remember to click JOIN if you haven't already done so.

GSRC MEMBERSHIP:  Your First Strides NMB registration includes a free 1-year, individual membership to the Grand Strand Running Club, a local affiliate of the non-profit, national organization of the Road Runners Club of America. Their goal is to promote fitness through walking and running. The GSRC and the City of North Myrtle Beach are our Co-Presenting Sponsors.  We are fortunate to have their support!  During one of the upcoming weeks, we will be distributing a GSRC shirt to all new members. The free shirt is a one-time perk for "new members" only.

 Don’t forget to do your homework this week and we’ll see you again on Wednesday at 5:30 pm.

Jane and your mentors

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