First Strides® - North Myrtle Beach Fall Workshop

Fall: September 1 - November 17, 2021 Little River, SC 29566 US Directions
Week 3 Email

Dear First Strides NMB gals, 

Oh, how we hope each of you were able to do your Week 2 homework off the Training Schedule.  Having to cancel our 2nd week was a true glitch.  

This week we’re into Week 3…you all received attendance credit for Week 2.

     ---  Interval Minutes - (3 min Easy; 2 min Hard) x 4 Repetitions
     ---  Before & After - Always start with a 5 minute warmup.  Always end with a 5 minute cool down.    
     ---  Translation - 5 min warmup + 3 min easy + 2 min hard + 3 easy + 2 hard + 3 easy + 2 hard + 3 easy + 2 hard + 5 min cool down. Total = 30 minutes.
     ---  How often?  3 days this week (every-other-day!  Do NOT do 2 days in a row!  Wednesday's workout counts as 1 workout).

Check out our advice about timing devices here>>

TOPIC - INJURY PREVENTION:  This week’s speaker, Dr Jeremy McCallum from McLeod Orthopedics Seacoast, gave us some tips in addition to those found in the attached handout and also on our First Strides NMB website.  

As a bone surgeon, he strongly advised us to understand how important calcium and Vitamin D are in slowing the deterioration of bone as we mature.  His specific recommendation was 1000-1200 mg  of calcium and 800 IU per day whether through diet or supplement.  He also emphasized the importance of a quality shoe if experiencing discomfort or pain. 

Soreness vs Pain - Do not ignore it!  If something is tender or sore, like your shins, Achilles tendon or the bottom of your heel, rest it (for a day or two), ice it (10-15 minutes) 1-3 times a day, take an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory pill for a couple of days (if not allergic), stretch it gently, perhaps self-massage. If the pain is chronic, inflamed and is not improving with rest, check with your doctor!  Doing the same thing over and over is NOT going to make it better! Request physical therapy from your doctor.  Then start back at the beginning when you return to striding.

Stretching - Stretching before and after your workout also helps prevent injuries. Check out Dynamic Stretching Warmup and Static Stretching (Post-workout) on our website.  

Our shoe and sports bra speakers from Fleet Feet - Myrtle Beach are rescheduled for next Wednesday.  You don't have to wait!  Read the links below for advice.  We encourage you to visit their store (7931 N Kings Hwy, Myrtle Beach) to get expert advice about proper shoes and comfortable apparel. There are 4 relevant workshop topics available on our website for your review:
Shoe Selection
Shoe - Perfect Fit
Sports Bra Basics
Women’s Striding Apparel

And don’t forget the Fleet Feet Myrtle Beach 10% off coupon tucked away in your name tag!

Next Wednesday (Week 4), we will be breaking into our smaller "animal" groups based on those with similar ability.  Then the fun begins!

Remember to do your homework - that is the key to your success!  

Jane and your Mentors

P.S.The greatest benefit one will get from this program is for each individual to do "their own pace", not someone else's.

P.P.S. Dr. McCallum and the Sports Medicine team are offering Free Injury Clinics for all High School and Middle School athletes on Saturdays 8:30-10 am at McLeod Orthopaedics Seacoast (3980 Hwy 9 East, Suite 200, Little River) Call 843-390-0100


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