First Strides® - North Myrtle Beach Workshop

Spring: 3/1/23 - 5/17/23 Little River, SC 29566 US Directions
Week 2 Email

Dear First Striders,

Mother Nature interfered with our Week 2 workshop.  Don’t let that stop you from striding forward!

Consider First Strides an investment in yourself.  Commit to getting your money’s worth by doing your homework every other day from now until our November 16thgoal, a 5K Stride (3.1 miles) under the lights of the NMB Christmas Celebration of Lights.

Please read or review your handouts from Weeks 1 & 2.  They are also on our website under Workshop Topics>>

WEEK 2 HOMEWORK:  Refer to the Training Schedule.

Before & After - Always start with a 5 minute warmup.  Always end with a 5 minute cool down.

Interval Minutes Assignment - (4 minutes Easy; 2 minutes Hard) x 3 Repetitions
     ---  Translation - 5 min warmup + 4 min easy + 2 min hard + 4 min easy + 2 min hard + 4 min easy + 2 min hard + 5 min cool down.

How often?  3 days this week (every-other-day!  Do NOT do 2 days in a row!  Wednesday's workout counts as 1).

PACING:  Each interval of a self-paced EASY/HARD repetition is a "comfortable" pace, then "comfortable" push.  The "push" is just a bit more effort than the EASY, but it should be a pace you can hold for the full HARD interval (2 minutes this week).  If you find yourself out-of-breath towards the end of the 2 minute HARD, back off your pace a little on the following HARD.  You should still be able to talk through the HARD.  Do not worry about your "speed" ... think "effort".  You will automatically get fitter and faster as we progress from week to week.  

THIS WEEK’S TOPICS:  Paul Rogers (owner, Fleet Feet Myrtle Beach) reminds us about the 2 most important pieces of equipment for a successful striding lifestyle: Shoes and Sports Bras. In both cases, buying something that fits your feet or your chest is what's most important for comfort, support and avoiding injury.  Click here for the following handouts:

Shoe Selection and Shoe-Perfect Fit 

Sports Bras Basics and Women's Striding Apparel

Reminder - Take the 10% off coupon on shoes, apparel and accessories from Fleet Feet inserted in your name tag.  7931 N. Kings Hwy, Suite 120 in Myrtle Beach.   

SORENESS vs PAIN:  Listen to your body.  Do not ignore it!  Rest it.  Ice it.  Read this handout on Injury Prevention>>.  Doing the same thing over and over is NOT going to make it better!  Your issue may be caused by old or poorly fitted shoes.

STRETCHING: Stretching before and after your workout will also help prevent injuries. Check out Dynamic Stretching Warmup  and Static Stretching (post-workout) handouts, also found under Workshop Topics on our website.  

SMALLER GROUPS:  We will be breaking into smaller groups during next Wednesday’s class. The goal is to group women of similar ability. We’ll do this during our workout, counting off X number of Striders to form the smaller groups. Each group has 3+ mentors to encourage you and to make sure you’re in the right group for you. Please realize that the greatest benefit one can get from this program is for each woman to do "their own pace". Grouping puts you with women of similar pace.

TIMING DEVICE INSTRUCTIONS:  Check out the video on our private Facebook page (see link below).  Or read the written instructions for using our recommended free phone app under Workshop Topics. Still need help?  Look for mentor Shelly Warner and others on the hill before or after next class Doing your homework is the key to your investment in your own health. 

We’ll see the “fitter” you next Wednesday at 5:30 pm!

Jane and your Mentors

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