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Week 2 Email

Dear First Strides NMB gals, 

You did great again on Wednesday night!  It was a little cooler but you paced yourselves well.  We're proud of you!

WEEK 2 HOMEWORK (September 9th - 15th):

     ---  Before & After - Always start with a 5-minute warmup.  Always end with a 5 minute cool down.
     ---  Interval Minutes Assignment - (4 minutes Easy; 2 minutes Hard) x 3 Repetitions
     ---  Translation - 5 min warmup + 4 min easy + 2 min hard + 4 min easy + 2 min hard + 4 min easy + 2 min hard + 5 min cool down.
     ---  How often?  3 days this week (every-other-day!  Do NOT do 2 days in a row!  Wednesday's workout counts as 1).

PACING:  You seem to be pacing yourselves well, which is key.  Each interval of a self-paced EASY/HARD repetition is a "comfortable" pace/"comfortable" push.  The "push" is just a bit more effort than the EASY, but it should be a pace you can hold for the full 2 minutes (this week).  If you find yourself out-of-breath towards the end of our 2 minute HARD, back off your pace a little on the next HARD.  You should still be able to talk through the HARD.

SORENESS vs PAIN:  Do not ignore it!  If something is tender or sore, like your shins or Achilles tendon or the bottom of your heel, rest it, ice it 1-3 times a day, take an anti-inflammatory over-the-counter pill for a couple of days (if not allergic), stretch it gently, perhaps self-massage.  If something is a sharp pain and inflamed, the above solutions may be the answer but take another day or two off.  Rest it longer, until the inflammation goes away!  Doing the same thing over and over is NOT going to make it better!  See INJURY PREVENTION handout attached.

SMALLER GROUPS:  We will be breaking into smaller groups this coming week.  We do this during our regular workout.  The goal is to put women of similar ability in the same group.  If everyone does their "comfortable" pace and push, Striders will self-seed and end up in the correct group for you.

We will all begin our workout at the far end of the Meadow.  We will head back across the field to the Meadow Loop, turn left and make one complete loop around the Meadow.  When you get back to the Amphitheater, we will be counting off 8-12 Striders into 5 groups while doing your workout.  Each group has 3 mentors to lead and encourage you.  You will continue the remainder of your workout in your new group.

These smaller groups can be fluid.  If you find yourself pushing too much in a group you are assigned to, please speak to your Mentor about moving to a more comfortably paced group.  Same if you are much quicker than the rest of your group, we want you to move up to the next group.  The Mentors will help with this.

NOTE:  If you have joined First Strides NMB with a group of friends and feel committed to staying together, you all should pace yourselves to the least-fast woman in the group.  Please realize that the greatest benefit one can get from this program is for each individual to do "their own pace" ... not someone else's.  This is sometimes a difficult concept to grasp, but I hope you and your friends consider this.  

HANDOUTS:  We have attached the Injury Prevention handout to this week's email.  We have posted over 15 topics/handouts on our website to help you:  Stretching, Shopping Resources (shoes, sports bras, clothing, timing devices), Safety, Heat Tips, Training Schedule, and Topic Schedule.  Look under Workshop Topics on this website for all the handouts currently available.

Also, see links below for our private Facebook page and this email address for questions.

We're anxious for you to meet new friends and interact with your Mentors for more personal attention.  Do your homework!

Jane and your Mentors

P.S. We have 4 more GYMBOSS Interval Timing devices for sale at $20. If you are having trouble finding a phone app that works for you.  Email: if you're interested.

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