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Wed September 2 - Wed May 19, 2021 Little River, SC US 29566 Directions
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What a great night we had for the 140 participants that were together last Wednesday!  There are now a total of 177 registrants in the Spring Workshop! 

Coronavirus Update:  Our SC Governor McMaster has ordered all schools to close until March 31.  And activities of more than 100 should be cancelled.  Although I will take my cue from the City of NMB, I expect that will include us. Kids are learning remotely.  So will you!!!

This is a serious pandemic and it is important that we all do what we can to stop the spread of this virus.  The Governor's advice is sound.  The sad thing is that, although we are a class over 150 strong, our structure is mostly within the bounds of "social distancing".  Actually, using your time walking and running has many redeeming qualities:  your getting fresh air, exercise, relieving stress and improving your immune system. 

So ... here's your homework!

Workout - Week 2:  3 days (includes Wed night).  Always take (at least) 1 rest day in between.  (Most of you have done it already - good for you!)

     5-min warmup; then 4 easy; 2 harder x 3 reps; then 5-min cool down. 
     Translated:  5 min warmup + 4 easy + 2 harder + 4 easy + 2 harder + 4 easy + 2 harder + 5 min cool down. 

I'll send the Workout for Week 3 late Tuesday.  

Where you decide to workout is your choice.  Perhaps the NMB Sports Park is a good location for you to maybe get together with some new friends.  Perhaps there is a park nearer to you.  Perhaps you can get your spouse or kids to join you or ride their bike along with you.  Perhaps your neighborhood is quiet and attractive.  Do what is most pleasant and convenient for you ... but do your homework!!!  

Attendance Credit:  Here's our motivation for you - If you do your homework 3 times each of these weeks, we will give you credit as having attended March 18 and 25.  Honor system!  If you get sick at some point one of those weeks, we will excuse the absence.  Hopefully, we'll be allowed to meet again April 1st and break into our similarly-paced, smaller groups at that time.  Sound fair?  This way you'll still be ready!

Handouts:  Handouts from this past week are now on - Weekly Topics (on left).

     --- Proper Shoe Selection by Paul Rogers from Fleet Feet Myrtle Beach. Get a good fit.  Read about room in the toe, arch support & heel slippage.
     --- Stretching - Dynamic before your walk/run and Static after.
     --- NEW!  Sports Bra Basics
     --- Sports Bras for Larger Women - See conversation on our private Facebook page:  First Strides - North Myrtle Beach.

Record Your Numbers:  Record what you know.  Weight _____ lbs.  Waist _____ in.  BMI (Body Mass Index - get formula online) ______ 

Resting Heart Rate _____.  Blood Pressure _____/_____.  If interested, call your doctor's office and ask them to send you a copy of your last checkup.  

Blood Glucose _________.   Total Cholesterol _________.  LDL ________.  Triglycerides ________.  

We will get through this together.  Please take care of yourself.  

We'll miss you!  Maybe we'll even see you on the roads?!?

Jane and your Mentors.


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