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Summer Striding - Workout Hints



Keep doing at least 3 days a week (with at least 1 day in between). 

Let’s say your average workouts have been about 40 minutes:
LONGER - Make 1 day longer at a very easy pace.  Add 2 minutes per week until you go 50 minutes as your longest day each week.
SHORTER – Make 1 day shorter and quicker (intervals*, races, etc.) or add some hill repeats (at a very easy pace).  Do intervals* for 20 minutes with our 5 minute warmup and cool down for 30 minutes total – your shortest day each week. 
AVERAGE - 1 day strides for 40 minutes total at a comfortable pace including the warmup and cool down.

Mixing up the difficulty of these 3 workouts each week will allow you to continue to improve, even as your pace slows to manage the warmer temperatures.  The heat does take more effort.  Respect it!  Endure the summer heat as comfortably as you can, and you will surprise yourself when the temperatures drop in late September, early October.  Trust me!

The Training Principle is Stress + Rest = Improvement.


Stay cool:

  • Time of day:  Workout in the early morning (6-8am) or late evening (6-8pm)
  • Seek shade 
    Residential neighborhoods with mature trees
    Taller buildings – apartment complexes, condos/hotels along the beach
    Parking garages (Be aware and respectful of guests)
    Indoors – treadmills
    Cloud cover
    Rainy days (all but downpours can feel better/cooler in the hot weather)
  • Wear lighter clothing
    Wicking/performance material
    Lighter colored clothing
    As few clothes as you are modestly comfortable in
  • Save your Races for the fall – pushing your pace for a competitive event in temps over 700 can be dangerous.  And, it isn’t fun!!!  But if you do want to race … 
    Choose shorter events.  Here’s a great workout and a much more pleasant race finish…
    5K strategy – “negative splits”.  Get a little faster with each mile.  Keep track with your watch:
    Mile 1 – walk/run very comfortably … like your warmup pace
    Mile 2 – pick up your pace a little, but check to see that it’s faster than Mile 1 was.
    Mile 3 – IF you are still feeling okay, then pick up your pace for the final mile by pushing off with your toes a little more than Mile 2.
    Don’t forget a very easy cool down walk, preferably in the shade or with breezes and begin drinking water.

NOTE:  Doing this exercise with each mile getting faster is a great way to begin to understand your pace per mile (a difficult message for most).  This intentional exercise will help you discover a race pace you can hold for longer distances.  AND it’s fun watching yourself improve each mile!

If you have any questions, feel free to email me.  I won’t be checking this First Strides NMB email address as frequently in the next 2-3 months.  Text me to “look for your email”, if your question is more urgent.  My cell # is 610-360-8216.

I hope you are able to keep up your excellent discipline through the summer, albeit at a much more relaxed and comfortable pace.

REMEMBER:  HEAT is a stress!  It’s like striding uphill most of the summer.  But you’ll be stronger for it.

It’s easier to stay fit than to get fit.

Good luck and enjoy!   Jane


*  Start intervals with 10 seconds/minute harder and slow way down (recover) for 50 seconds.  Do this 1-minute interval (10 harder/50 easier) for 20 minutes.  The next week (or two) try 15 seconds harder/45 easy.  Next week (or two) – 20 sec harder/40 sec easy. These short harder intervals, followed by very slow longer recovery intervals, helps your body handle the heat better.   Judge by how hot the day is and skip the speed that week if temps are in the 90s.  It can be dangerous and have a negative effect on your progress.  Allow yourself to really recover on the easy.  If you’re struggling, skip the next interval and rest/go very easy a full minute or two … and then, if you can, start again - don’t push that hard.  Seek shade/clouds for interval days!  And, hydrate!!!

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