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Cross Training & Overall Fitness

Cross Training

  • Combine two or more activities in an exercise program
  • Designed to enhance fitness
  • Provide needed relief to tired muscles
  • Decrease injury
  • Eliminate monotony and burn out of single activity programs

For Runners and Walkers

☺ Provides better workouts incorporating speed training, upper body strength, and non-impact leg development.
☺ Provide good overall conditioning and helps improve and maintain fitness.

Two Key Reasons Why People Discontinue an Exercise Program

  • Injury
  • Boring

Strength Training – The Bennies

Avoid Muscle Loss
- Loss of 5-7 lbs of muscle every ten years.
- Aerobic activity does not promote lean tissue building

Elevated Metabolism
- 2-5% decline every year; related to lean body mass retention

Increased Strength and Functional Agility
- Increased strength of muscle, tendons, and ligaments
- Shows to have more muscle-skeletal control than those who just do aerobic activity

Increased Bone Density
- Reduced risk of osteoporosis
- Bone density increases within a few months of initiating a program

Reduced Body Fat
- Increased lean tissue, increased metabolism, reduced fat mass, reduced disease risk

Improved Athletic Performance
- Increased strength of muscle, tendon, and ligaments reduced incidence of injury
- Improved muscle endurance and recovery
Flexibility – the jury is still out yet

Pilates: an exercise regimen typically performed with the use of specialized apparatus and designed to improve the overall condition of the body

Yoga: A system of exercises practiced as part of this discipline to promote control of the body and mind.

BOTH exceptional to add for muscle lengthening, tone and improved ROM for increased strength development

List of Cross Training Activities

Resistance Training Pilates
Cycling Rowing

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